Buy a JRT licence or an update extension

Enter the iRacing Customer ID of the driver*:
(It's important to enter the correct ID, otherwise you will activate the licence for someone else)
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- JRT v1.28 or later is required to be able to activate the JRT licence.

- With a JRT licence, the selected driver can use JRT with no limit of time and he can do updates for 1 year from now. Once the payment is validated, the JRT licence will be automatically activated and the driver can activate JRT on his computer entering an iRacing session with his iRacing account.
If he reformats his computer, he just have to enter an iRacing session with JRT opened to activate it again. He can also use JRT on other computers as long as he connects to iRacing with his account.

- A JRT update extension extends the time during which the driver can do the updates. To be able to take an extension, the driver needs to have already a JRT licence activated.

I understand and agree with the above conditions, I am aware that the service starts immediately after the payment and I waive my right of withdrawal.